About The Company

Gedevanishvili & Co is one of the leading companies in the Georgian Real Estate market. The company was founded in 2013 by Nino Gedevanishvili.
Professionalism, trust and consistency are the main features that make Gedevanishvili & Co one of trustworthy companies in Georgia.
Each employee has extensive experience, knowledge and professionalism. The team knows the local real estate market that helps them to be more effective.
Gedevanishvili & Co sells real estate not only in the Republic of Georgia but also internationally.

Major Focus: Brokerage services, property management and property appraisal  


Brokerage Department

  • Commercial Real Estate
    The department focuses on selling and renting commercial real estate. The process consists of finding commercial locations for corporate clients. The process includes contract preparation and property management.

  • Residential Real Estate
    The company’s residential department has a diverse database of luxury apartments and private houses for sale and rent.

  • Industrial Real Estate
    The company specializes in selling or renting industrial investment properties.

Real Estate Management

The company has a diverse portfolio of managing properties. The service includes managing the property from renting it until the contract expiration date.

Property Appraisal

The company has a professional appraisal group that specializes in appraising residential, non-residential and specialized properties.